School trips and Covid
Travel safely in the pandemic

Current situation (as of 3 March 2022)

Despite all the bad news, we are sure that school travel will be easier this year. Covid regulations are currently being relaxed everywhere, so we recommend checking the latest information on your country’s official government website.

The health and safety of our guests is our top priority which is why we have repeatedly had to cancel school trips and group tours over the last two years. We put a lot of effort into preparing hygiene specifications for all booked trips. We continue to make cancellations and rebook when the situation requires it.

School trips
Risk-free travel
Due to the current situation, there is a great deal of uncertainty with regard to booking and planning group trips and school trips. Our primary goal is to ensure that teachers, students and parents can once again look forward to an unforgettable school trip. Therefore, we recommend that all travellers take out travel insurance.
Travel safe
Safety and hygiene measures
Youth hostels and hotels
All accommodation must meet the hygiene measures and requirements specified by the respective state governments.
Host families
Our host families are vaccinated, maintain hygiene standards and look forward to welcoming guests.
Travel by train 
Covid measures on Deutsche Bahn (DB) trains and buses are subject to change and continuously updated.
Travel by bus 
Our bus operators follow strict safety and hygiene measures and all bus drivers are triple vaccinated.
No prepayment
Goodwill cancellation policy


We do not expect a deposit from our groups for the time being. Should the group leader wish to make a greater commitment to their trip participants and therefore secure the group from unauthorised withdrawals, a deposit can be taken.

Travel price

We confirm the price for travel just 4 weeks before the start of the trip. Should a trip not happen, we will refund the deposited travel price within 14 days. The trip can only be cancelled due to an official order (such as school closures, quarantine orders or the prohibition of school trips by the government).

Please note: refund of premiums for trip cancellation insurance, insurance packages and Covid travel protection are excluded.

Cancellation by the travel group 

The Package Travel Law secures the rights of consumers before the start of the trip. It includes the cancellation of a trip free of charge in the event of unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances that significantly affect the trip.

  • Start of trip not possible due to lockdown in hometown
  • Reaching the destination area not possible due to border closures
  • Quarantine obligation upon entry into the destination area
  • Severe contact restrictions on site
  • Overnight stay prohibitions

Cancellation of the trip by SENLAC 

We make every effort to complete all booked trips, but will never compromise our travellers’ health and safety. We will cancel trips in the event of government travel bans, or if the destination is classified as a high risk or virus variant area. As soon as we detect problems with a trip, we will discuss the cancellation of the trip with the group leader.

Our service - your safety 

As a tour operator we fulfil all obligations

  • Tour operator liability insurance
  • Travel price protection certificate (legally required protection of the paid travel price in case of insolvency of the organiser)
  • Cost coverage for at least 3 overnight stays, should the accommodation be quarantined
  • Telephone availability around the clock
  • We oblige our partners to comply with all valid hygiene regulations
  • Bus safety through the use of TÜV or Dekra tested coaches
  • Cooperation only with reputable, long-standing partner companies, and strict compliance with the legally prescribed driving and rest times for bus drivers
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