Round Trip Wales

Hello Kathrin,

After a wonderful week on the island and especially in Wales, we are back home and back to school. As a rough feedback, I can tell you that everyone was very satisfied with the travel planning and organisation. It was a really great week. The hotel in Bridgend was our personal favourite. It was like the Moorland Link Hotel on Dartmoor - suuuuuper cosy!

Despite a very stormy reception on the island, the weather meant well with us. We turned off the rain tap whenever we wanted to get out and take photos and when there were a few miles to go on the road, we let them rain off the thick showers. The train ride was really great, at Devil's Bridge we had drizzle, but the waterfalls were gigantic. They made us wet anyway.

Portmeiron was also fancy. I thought it was a small town that you could just visit and was quite surprised when they asked for an entrance fee of 10 pounds.

But I had collected plenty of money beforehand and used up all the discounts, so all in all I got by with 50 pounds for the entrance fees for an adult.

When I have a little time and distance, I'll write you some more details. Maybe I'll get some feedback from travellers by then. I immediately put our proposal for a round trip through Scotland out there with the confirmations of participation. But there were also a few enquiries about Ireland.

I wish you a wonderful week. Best regards also from Holger.

Best regards from the cold, rainy, windy, autumnal, .... Saxony

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