Frequently asked questions

Every time you plan a trip, many questions arise. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers for you.

Preparation of a school trip
Questions about the
offer and travel price
You are welcome to fill out the contact form on this website or contact us personally by e-mail or telephone. Our experienced staff know all about the destinations and accommodation on offer. You will receive a detailed offer, including programme suggestions. On request, we can provide you with preparatory materials for upcoming parents' evenings.

Our regular customers will remember our SENLAC slogan: "It's different. It's better" to travel with SENLAC TOURS. SENLAC TOURS offers individual and diverse educational tours. We strengthen experiential education, togetherness and the joy of learning and live active cultural exchanges with our clients and partners.

We draw on 36 years of experience in tourism and plan the trip according to your needs and wishes.

For your trip you will receive printed: city maps, London travel guides, city games, luggage tags, letters for parents and student information flyers.

Your personal SENLAC advisor will organise everything around your trip with you. In HASTINGS and BEXHILL we will welcome you personally from the coach.

The most important thing is reliable partners. We have long-standing business relationships with coach operators, ferry companies, city guides, host families, hotels...

We live in England and know our host families and partners personally.

No hidden extra charges - you get quality at the best possible price.

YES - under the keyword "subject to approval", teachers and schools can book the planned trips in advance. On the one hand, this gives you enough time to clarify the building blocks of the trip such as financing, approval, valid passports or visas, if necessary. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to book the desired dates and travel offers at the best possible prices at an early stage.

We are happy to support you in an accommodating and unbureaucratic way: If the school authority does not grant permission, you have the option of cancelling or rebooking the trip free of charge up to 12 weeks before the start of the trip. In this case, we require the notice of refusal from the education authority.

Please note: this accommodating regulation does not apply for bookings at short notice up to 3 months before the start of the trip.

We calculate our offers with graduated numbers of participants and show these separately. This allows you to see exactly how the price changes if the number of participants decreases.

YES - we are flexible and happy to accommodate you. Please note that late registrations must be made in good time and in consultation with your personal SENLAC advisor as we want to make sure that all partners (bus, ferry, host families) also have sufficient capacity.

YES - we offer free places for accompanying adults on request.

YES - in your own interest. The private address guarantees delivery of the important SENLAC documents. Unfortunately, our SENLAC documents were often regarded as advertising in schools and not delivered to the recipient.

Preferably, the tour group leaders will take care of the deposits for the trip. After booking, you will receive your booking confirmation and initial invoice. Payment is made by bank transfer and is divided into deposit and balance payment, which is made up as follows:
1.) Deposit: €50 per person within 4 weeks after booking by bank transfer.
2.) Final payment: 4 weeks before departure

YES - we offer your travel group a separate account to which each travel participant transfers the travel cost.  Please ask your SENLAC advisor about the conditions.

YES - we plan holistically and in detail right from the start - without hidden costs. There are no additional travel costs for excursions within the coordinated and agreed travel programme. Accommodation and meals for the bus drivers as well as parking costs for your travel stops are also already included in the total tour price.

Please note that additional costs may arise due to subsequently booked services, e.g. admissions.

YES - we calculate travel prices for groups of 15 participants or more, as experience has shown that from this group size onwards, favourable rates are guaranteed with our long-standing contractual partners. If you wish, we will try to find a tour group for you with which the trip can be combined. With a fully booked coach (min. 45 participants) we can guarantee you the best possible prices.

Please consult your personal SENLAC representative. We will find a solution!

YES - in this case, please contact your personal SENLAC advisor immediately in order to keep the costs of the desired cancellation as low as possible.

YES - a local contact person is available at many destinations. In Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea you will be personally welcomed by a SENLAC staff member. Our SENLAC colleagues look forward to welcoming you, looking after you individually and supporting you in your daily personal contact. In some cases, our respective agency or the hotel staff will take over this function, in case there is no SENLAC colleague on site. In general, we are available to help you with any problems that may arise during the trip via our 24-hour emergency number. The person making the booking receives this number together with the travel documents.

In case of emergency, please call the 24h emergency number.

Bus travel
Questions about the
coach and bus safety

The most common coach sizes have 49 seats or, in the case of a double-decker, 78 seats. There are also intermediate sizes with, for example, 54 or 62 seats. As not all of our coach companies have these special sizes, it is advisable to plan for a maximum group size of 49 passengers in a normal coach or 78 passengers in a double-decker.

YES - if there are still sufficient seats available on the coach or we can provide a coach with a different capacity.

In the UK, doors open to the street side due to left-hand traffic. Please be sure to point this out to all passengers. For safety reasons, our group leaders will be given a SENLAC safety vest to wear when getting on and off the bus.

YES - Your tour group will be picked up from the school or a designated meeting point by the coach and dropped off on return.

This must be coordinated with the bus company. As long as the bus drivers' travelling time is not restricted, this may be possible.

YES - if the coach has been calculated and booked exclusively for the group.  Only upon express request and corresponding availability do we fill vacant seats in the coach with another tour group.

Our SENLAC TOURS coach companies are long-standing competent partners with highly experienced bus drivers who know their way around abroad. Our coach companies have all the necessary checks and certification. Of course, they comply with the legal regulations and are subject to regular inspections as per the requirements.

YES - we will be happy to contact your preferred coach company and book it for you.

Our bus companies receive your individually planned itinerary early on. Based on this, the bus company decides with how many drivers your group will need to travel safely. Sometimes a second bus driver only travels part of the way on the outward and return journey.

YES - we are happy to book professional guides.

In London, for example, the guide gets on the bus and off we go on a city tour of the mega-metropolis with its world-famous attractions and sights. As heavy traffic always slows down city tours or makes them more difficult, we recommend guided city tours on foot.

Drinks are allowed during the coach ride. The driver reserves the right to limit the consumption of food to the breaks. By prior arrangement with the bus company, the coach driver will offer drinks and snacks for sale.

Each passenger on the coach is given a fixed seat for the entire journey. This means that everyone is responsible for the cleanliness and intactness of their seat.

YES - as soon as the bus is rolling, seat belts are compulsory! It is not permitted to walk on the bus or stand in the aisles during the journey.

Host families
Accommodation with English families

YES - our staff in England live in Hastings and Bexhill-on-Sea and know all the host families personally. We have been booking with the same good families for decades. We have close friendships with many of them. In other destinations, we book host family carers we have known for many years.

We do not have to advertise. Host families apply and want to work with us. Our staff visit new families and decide whether they meet our standard based on strict criteria.

The group leader communicates the occupancy requests and we try to fulfil them as much as possible. As a rule, our host families take in 2 to 4 students. Special requests (no animals, allergies) can limit the selection of our available families and therefore influence the allocation of students.

YES - this is almost always possible. In order to be able to plan this in good time, it is necessary to state allergies at the time of registration.

We charge a surcharge for allergies and special dietary requirements. However, it can also be arranged that food is brought along.

Our host families are booked on a full board basis. This means a continental breakfast, a packed lunch for the day's excursion and a hot dinner. On long excursion days - such as to London - there is a double packed lunch.

On the day of arrival, our host families will pick up the students from the bus car park at the agreed time.

YES - the applicant receives a detailed list of host families shortly before departure and manages this.

YES - this is possible in principle, but must be planned well in advance, as only a few families can offer wheelchair accessible rooms.

Usually yes - but this cannot be guaranteed. For one thing, some host families do not have internet for personal reasons. For another, the internet is still expensive in England and therefore not all host families give the code for the internet connection to the students.

NO - but a typical little something from your hometown is welcome.

Questions about
Youth Accommodation and Hotels

Our team loves to travel. We live in different countries and visit new youth hostels and hotels every year. Therefore, we know many accommodation options personally. We also work with local agencies who assist us with special accommodation requests.

YES - these are particularly popular in the Scottish Highlands, on the Baltic Sea and in France.

Experience shows that good accommodation is booked up quickly. Our regular guests secure their desired dates 12 to 24 months before departure.

YES - accommodation is according to personal wishes and needs. We will be happy to book rooms for you in accommodation that is typical of the country. Therefore, please let us know your wishes when booking. However, we cannot guarantee that there will be enough single rooms available in all places.

YES - we recommend school trips in the low season. From November to February we have special rates, not only with our families, but also with good hotels.

YES - definitely! We have been organising teacher trips for many years. Cornwall and Southern England, the Scottish Highlands, Northern England with the Lake District, Wales and Ireland are very popular with our groups.

Travel insurance
Questions about all types of insurance

We have recommended HANSE MERKUR insurance group in Hamburg for over 20 years. In cases of damage claim, our customers have been very satisfied with the settlement.

YES - we cannot and do not want to dictate to anyone which insurer to go with. We do, however, recommend taking out travel cancellation and/or foreign health insurance.

As the UK is no longer in the UK, we strongly recommend taking out overseas health insurance as a precaution.

More questions?

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.

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