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School trip to Rochester
Charles Dickens' birthplace

Rochester Cathedral towers over this medieval city on the Medway, part of England's cultural heritage. The ruins of Rochester Castle even served as film sets for »Hamlet« and »Henry VIII«. The great English writer Charles Dickens paid tribute to the former Norman fortress of his hometown, its keep and the stately Restoration House in his novels – and the city of Rochester honours Charles Dickens with an annual festival. Many visitors are drawn to this historic site of English history, which is brilliantly illustrated in multimedia form at the Guildhall Museum. Enjoy and discover exciting destinations such as Canterbury and Cambridge and London on your school trip.

A school trip or study trip is ideal for all groups of students and teachers who have already spent time in Hastings or Bexhill-on-Sea. Rochester offers a diverse and varied program for all ages.

Suitable for:
  • 6 form college
  • Architektur
  • Fremdsprache: Englisch
  • History
  • Key stage 4
  • Language travel
  • Philosophie
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  • Beautiful Nature
  • Castles & Palaces
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Host families
Years of experience

Our host family organiser has worked with her families for many years and knows them very well.

Hotels & B&B’s
Alternative to a host family

Teachers can choose to stay in comfortable B&Bs or hotels in the city centre.

Program example

6 days / 3 nights, 2 night journeys

  • Day 1 – Departure Departure towards Calais-Dover. Take the ferry or the Eurotunnel towards England.
  • Day 2 - Arrival in Dover - Stopover - Rochester After arriving on the island, a visit to Dover Castle is possible. You will spend the afternoon directly in Rochester, where the host families will welcome their guests in the early evening.
  • Day 3 - Day trip to Cambridge On a guided walking tour combined with a SENLAC town quiz you can discover this venerable university town. Find out which Nobel Prize winners studied here.
  • Day 4 – Excursion to Canterbury – Leeds Castle A visit to Canterbury with a visit to the cathedral and/or a boat trip fills the programme in the morning. In the afternoon you will visit the moated Leeds Castle, which is called "the most beautiful castle in the world".
  • Day 5 – Day excursion to London – Departure in the evening A visit to the capital of England is one of the highlights of every school trip to England. A varied and colourful programme can be put together according to your wishes.

    Departure in the evening towards the Eurotunnel. On the motorway we travel through France, Belgium and the Netherlands back to Germany.
  • Day 6 – Arrival at home Arrival at home in the morning.
Castle Hotspot
Castles and fortress hopping
Excursions to the impressive castles in and around Rochester, mainly in the county of Kent. On a school trip you explore the Rochester Castle, the Upnor Castle, the Leeds Castle, Dover's coastal fortress Walmer Castle and the highly recommended Hever Castle with its gardens and water maze. All have a long and varied history and lived through several eras.
  • Rochester Castle Well-preserved Norman Romanesque castle on square keep dating from 1120 on the River Medway more
  • Rochester Cathedral Second oldest cathedral & episcopal see in England, two styles: Norman & English Gothic more
  • Charles Dickens Rochester was the place of inspiration and work of the famous author more
  • Guildhall Museum On Medway's history journey that began 200,000 years ago with a flint axe more
  • Rochester High Street Shopping and pedestrian street with historic 17th and 18th century houses more
  • Eastgate House Town house full of stories: it was a family home, boarding school, hostel, museum and inspiration for C. Dickens more
  • Huguenot Museum History of Britain's first refugees and their crafts, trades and skills that influenced the country's development more
  • Temple Manor Rarely preserved 13th century house that belonged to the Knights Templar more
  • Restoration House Rare example of an Elizabethan town house. Only open for a few days more
  • The Vines Small green space with church in the centre - monks first grew grapes here in the Middle Ages more
  • Royal Engineers Museum Interesting exhibits, such as the first torpedo or a map of Waterloo more
  • Upnor Castle An artillery fort in the village of Upnor on the River Medway more
  • Gillingham Royal Engineers Museum, Capstone Farm Country Park, The Strand Leisure Park more
  • Chatham The Historic Dockyard (18th century museum dockyard) and Fort Amherst Heritage Trust more
  • Leeds Castle One of the most visited moated castles in the middle of a lake more
  • Hever Castle & Gardens 700-year history of Hever Castle is rich and varied - originally a medieval defensive castle - garden with water maze more
  • Canterbury Cathedral city was a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages, the cathedral is the centre of the Church of England more
  • Dover Entrance to the British Isles, main ferry port for crossings from France and Belgium, Walmer Castle & Gardens more
  • London Capital metropolis with many facets - from royal to urban & iconic more
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Crossing from Calais to Dover in a modern canal ferry with beautiful views of the white cliffs of Dover.
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