Our Service
From all inclusive to individual building blocks

At SENLAC Tours you can book a complete package or individual travel components. We will help with the preparation of each trip. You will be assigned a team member who will look after you and help with each step in the planning and the smooth running of your trip. Our extensive booking service offers help to ensure a successful visit. Our employees are reachable 24 hours a day in case of emergency.

We may initially seem more expensive than other travel operators. However, many operators don’t include all of the elements we include in our prices so a like-for-like comparison actually shows that we are cheaper. Make sure you compare both the final price and the performance.

We would love to send you a quote. Please send us an email with your request.

Travel safety

We offer additional Covid-19 protection in cooperation with HANSEMERKUR. In addition, we do not expect a deposit for your school trip. Free cancellation for the entire group until the day of departure is possible for many trips. Travel-related hygiene standards for all service providers are maintained as a matter of course.

SENLAC - We help
Fundraising campaign

We took advantage of the forced break caused by the pandemic to help people who have taken a harder hit than our company. We travelled to the Ahr Valley and Erft Valley several times and visited schools that were affected by the flood. We organise free school trips and day trips for affected students that need your help.

Personalised and individual support
Complete Package Deal
After the initial offer, we provide detailed advice and try to find the best possible package for your budget.
Booking service
Whether a musical or a theatre show, we will book the best possible seats at the best possible price with no added fee!
Host Families
Our host families will receive an itinerary and the following information: gender, age, allergies and special requirements.
Language training
We offer a great choice of different language programmes and free town treasure hunts.
We collect the payments
We can help the teacher to collect payments from each participant. You will get regular updates regarding the payments.
Guided Tours
We book experienced guides for all destinations. Day-to-day support is also available.
Reduced entrance fees
We have negotiated reduced entrance fees for our groups. We will forward these savings to you as well as our expert advice.
Smooth journey

We wish you a safe journey and look forward to seeing you again next year.

Arrival and departure
Meeting at the coach
We will provide students and teachers with the most important information for their stay.
Special Needs
We have welcomed many guests with special needs and disabilities.
Our arrivals and departures are carefully managed and we work closely with the local authorities.
Complementary Spaces

We offer one complimentary space per 10 participants.

Bad Weather?
If needed, we will help re-arrange parts of the itinerary if the weather gets really bad.
Taxi Transport
We only book with reliable partners. We know our taxi companies and drivers personally.
Travel insurance
We offer insurance packages for each group in cooperation with HanseMerkur.
Reliable Partner
Transfers and sailings will be planned with our reliable partners.
Tube Tickets

If it is not practical to go by coach, we can order group tickets for travel within a city, e.g. for the London Underground. You will receive these tickets upon arrival. We can also get you a better price if you book through us for journeys on the River Thames with the Thames Clippers .

Musicals & Theatre

We can book musicals and theatre tickets at special rates. Please plan early to ensure the best possible seats and price. A visit to the Royal Albert Hall or the Houses of Parliaments must be organised well in advance.

Our slogan
It's different – it's better

Our long-standing customers might remember: It’s different. It’s better. This was the slogan I used when I started working as a tour operator. I became a teacher because I whole-heartedly wanted to help children and adults. That’s why it was always important to me to offer educational trips to a standard I would have liked when I was a teacher.

Our company is educationally-led. The team gets paid in two currencies: their salaries and the lovely thank you letters from our guests.

Angelika Fuller

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