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School trip to the North Sea
Germany's most popular destination

Idyllic islands, soft sand dunes and charming coastal towns with a Frisian way of life invite you to take a trip to the North Sea. It can be explored from seven littoral states, including Germany, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. The Wadden Sea is a UNSECO cultural heritage site and, with its ebbing and flowing tides, it offers exciting natural phenomena and unique animal and plant species; guided mudflat walks are part of the standard programme at every location. The Hanseatic cities are "gateways to the world", and the islands offer many boardwalks and dune paths for hiking and cycling, while the numerous lighthouses are landmarks of the North Sea coast - ideal for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Short trip to the North Sea metropolises
We organise mini cruises from Hamburg, Bremerhaven or Kiel to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Borkum, Bremerhaven or Helgoland. All you have to do is decide where to go.
City & Culture Tours
Hanseatic Cities, Culture & Architecture
School Trip Hamburg
  • Hamburg Harbour
  • Warehouse city
  • Harbour tour
School Trip Bremen
  • Port of Bremen
  • Harbour Museum
  • Overseas Museum
  • Sail training ship
School Trip Kiel
  • Kiel Fjord
  • Technical Museum U 995
  • Molfsee open-air museum
School Trip Cuxhaven
  • Spa town at the mouth of the Elbe
  • Hamburg Wadden Sea
  • Spherical beacon
  • Dune and sandy beaches
School Trip Bremerhaven
  • Large city with overseas port
  • Klimahaus 8° East
  • German Emigration House
  • German Maritime Museum
School Trip Wilhelmshaven
  • Deep-water harbour on the Jade Bay
  • Kaiser-Wilhelm Bridge, 159km
  • Marine and Coastal Museum
School Trip Rotterdam
  • Port of Rotterdam
  • Cube House
  • Maritime Museum
School Trip Amsterdam
  • Zandvoort aan Zee
  • EYE Film Institute Netherlands
  • IJ Dok Marina - artificial island
Nature Travel
Sports, Adventure & Action

Sporting activities such as swimming, paddling, fishing, canoeing, surfing, kite surfing and especially beach or mudflat walks are possible in many places. Different types of accommodation such as island homes, youth hostels, youth villages or dune holiday houses close to the beach are available.

Every kind of sports programme can be offered: tennis, football, basketball, beach volleyball, beach football and, above all, long cycling trips on safe cycle paths through dunes, heaths and beaches. School trips to the fine sandy beaches of the North Frisian islands of Sylt, Föhr, Amrum and Husum or the East Frisian islands such as Borkum, Norderney, Wangerooge, (car-free) Langeoog offer unforgettable experiences through the mix of nature, culture and sporting activities.

The Netherlands, England and Denmark also have impressive beaches along the North Sea.

School trip to Sylt
  • Kitesurfing, surfing, sailing
  • Hiking and cycling tours
  • Geocaching Tour Hörnum
  • Mudflat walk in Vogelkoje
  • Red cliff, white sandy beaches
School trip to Amrum
  • Hiking, Sailing
  • Wadden Sea & Priel
  • Water park in Wittdün
  • Kniepsand - huge sandbank
  • Boat trips to neighbouring islands
School trip
St. Peter-Ording
  • Dune cross-country skiing, beach sailing...
  • Kitesurfing, surfing, ocean kayaking
  • West Coast Park & Robbarium
  • Cutter trip & Multimar Wattforum
School trip
  • Windsurfing, stand-up paddleboarding
  • Kite flying, street bowling
  • beach challenge
  • Guided mudflat walk
  • Ocean-Wave adventure pool
School trip
to the Dutch North Sea
  • Zandvoort, Scheveningen, Katwijk
  • Water sports all year round
  • Cycling tours through the dunes
  • Day trip to the metropolises: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague
School trip to East Frisia
  • Guided mudflat walks
  • Bremen & Bremerhaven
  • Windmills & ramparts
  • Car-free island of Langeoog
  • Emden, Norderney, Norddeich...
School trip to North Frisia
  • Guided mudflat walks
  • Sylt: white, wide sandy beaches
  • Halligen - tiny tidal islands
  • Föhr: "Frisian Caribbean" and largest island in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site
Theme Travel
Environmental protection & global learning

A school trip to the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony or Schleswig-Holstein combines valuable educational objectives (geography and biology) with the classic North Sea holiday feeling. Learn more about the unique ecosystem of the Wadden Sea and climate change on the seven East Frisian Islands (Borkum, Norderney, Baltrum, Wangerooge, Langeoog...) also called the "Pearl Necklace of the North Sea" or visit the North Frisian Islands Sylt, Föhr, Amrum and Husum.

Seal centres & marine life
  • Friedrichskoog and Norddeich
  • Neulandhalle historical learning centre
  • Waloseum (whales, dolphins, seabirds)
School trip Sylt
  • Natural Forces Adventure Centre
  • Aquarium
  • Red Cliff
  • Amber workshop
Day trip to Bremerhaven
  • Klimahaus 8° East with workshop
  • German Emigration House
  • German Maritime Museum
  • Zoo by the sea - North Sea Aquarium
School trip to the North Sea
  • Environmental project days on a school trip to the North Sea
  • Actively participate in environmental protection and clear the beaches of plastic waste
Biosphärenreservate & Weltkulturerbe

School trips to recognised UNESCO World Heritage Sites are challenging trips and have a high educational value.

UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

School trip to nature: Lower Saxony National Park or Halligen Biosphere Reserve

UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Wadden Sea in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands - a place of extremes and a plaything of the tides.
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