Feedback from a school trip

Such emails give us strength to carry on

Dear Conni, Nicole, Karina and Angelika,

In the preparation and realisation of our wonderful trip, you proved to be my contact persons, thinkers and co-thinkers, supporters and helpers, in short, an all-round carefree and all-inclusive package in persona. My students, my colleagues and I were able to experience unforgettable days in the South of England thanks to your experience and care. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is nice to know that travelling with Senlac Tours is not just a trip to England, but rather a visit to friends.

Get ready for us to come back!!! I still have to think a bit about the exact date, but I think it will be late spring or early summer again. But until then, recover from us. Stay such a great team!

Best wishes and see you soon!

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