19th of June 2023
World Sauntering Day

Today is sauntering day, and we can't wait to organize the next school trip for you! 🗺️🎉 We've put together sample programs to explore cities like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague, Barcelona and Paris.

🇬🇧🌆 Walk along the Thames and explore London, steeped in history. 🚂 Experience the vibrant city of Berlin and be impressed by its lively culture. 🌷💦 Amsterdam beckons with charming canals and interesting museums.

🚴‍♀️🏰 In Copenhagen you can explore the charming city by bike and visit the breathtaking Christiansborg Castle. 🏰💫 Prague will enchant you with its medieval architecture and the majestic Prague Castle.

🏖️🌴 Barcelona invites you to dream with its Mediterranean flair and impressive Gaudi architecture. 🗼🥐 And of course Paris with its romantic charm and the iconic Eiffel Tower is not to be missed.

Which city would you like to discover next? Tell us your favorite and we'll organize the rest.

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