Company outing
To our favorite city Amsterdam

In January our SENLAC team was finally on the road again. Amsterdam - metropolis and small town at the same time - is characterized by tolerance, openness and different lifestyles. Continuous rain and storm could not affect our good mood and curiosity. Huge ponchos kept us dry - only our feet got wet. The Venice of the North with its canals and bridges impressed us.

Tip: Please do not make a canal trip in the rain, because the windows steam up and you see as good as nothing.

The variety of restaurants is a paradise for gourmets. Our personal highlight was the small Japanese RAMEN restaurant near the main train station. Our waiting time was rewarded with a hot fantastic soup for everyone.

There is a free ferry from the main station to the NDSM shipyard. There we swung over the dizzying edge of the building on the high-rise roof of the A'DAM LOOKOUT, despite our fear of heights. We rewarded ourselves in the café with hot drinks and enjoyed the fantastic view over Amsterdam.

The Anne Frank House is a small museum in memory of the Frank family, who were persecuted during the Nazi era. Fortunately, we had reserved tickets because the demand is much higher than we thought. It is an oppressive place, the visit made us think.

Conclusion: We will visit Amsterdam again, but this time with our families and children. It is worth a trip at any time of the year.

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