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Short trips to Germany

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Nature and Sport
Desire for adventure and action?
Short trip to the Baltic Sea
Soak up the sea air, enjoy the wind and the sun - beach ball, beach games, windsurfing, kiting and sailing, SUP boards, beach soccer, paddling - an endless variety of activities.
Short trip to the North Sea
The Wadden Sea is fascinating in all weathers – guided mudflat hikes, the endless expanse, bike trips, beach ball, beach games…
Climbing parks in Germany
High ropes courses for all ages - courses at treetop height or passages close to the ground, zip lines and more. Strengthens the team spirit!
Short trip Saxon Switzerland
Elbe sandstone mountains with a bizarre rock world - hikers' paradise for every requirement, with fascinating views of the Elbe.
History and Politics
This is how to make learning fun
Short trip to a Hanseatic city

194 Hanseatic cities to discover. Following in the footsteps of the Hanseatic League, our favourites are Wismar, Bremen, Buxtehude, Greifswald, Lübeck, Lüneburg, Stralsund, Stade...

Short trip to discover Berlin's past

The choice of programmes is endless; the Story of Berlin museum covers Berlin's founding to the present day, and from here we recommend selecting a specific focus.

Short Trip Berlin Reichstag

Politics live - take a look behind the scenes of our government on a guided tour of the Reichstag or experience a lesson in Cecilienhof Palace.

Short trip to the Wartburg Castle

Experience 1,000 years of German history, the development of church and faith over the centuries - Martin Luther translated the New Testament in exile...

Short trip to the concentration camp memorial

Holocaust sites - there are about 300 memorials, commemorative stones or plaques in Germany that commemorate the Holocaust.

Short trip to Trier

Discover the history of the Roman Empire during a visit to Trier. Eight Roman monuments are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Short trip to Dresden

The capital of the Free State of Saxony has testimonies of all epochs, from the traces of August the Strong to the present with the State Chancellery.

Interesting city trips
Berlin - pure literature

Literature moves! On a children's tour with Emil and the Detectives or a walk to authentic places following in the footsteps of Berthold Brecht.

Short trip to Weimar

The cultural city of infinite variety: historic buildings and the world's first Bauhaus residential building, as well as the centre of literature through Goethe and Schiller.

Short trip to Bayreuth

The city of Richard Wagner; his home Wahnfried, the Margravial Opera House and the Bayreuth Festival Theatre can be visited.

Musical in Hamburg

A visit to a musical is a highlight of everyone’s school days. Hamburg is the third largest musical city in the world, alongside others like our capital , Berlin, as well as Stuttgart, Bochum and Cologne.

MINT and Natural Sciences
Mathematics to Technology
Day trip to Stralsund

The German Oceanographic Museum is the largest natural science museum, complemented by the Ozeaneum - a journey through the northern seas.

Day trip to Mannheim

The Technoseum, Germany's largest museum of technology, playfully conveys the past 200 years of technical and social history.

Day trip to Berlin

Berlin offers fascinating activities for every subject. In the Museum of Technology, touching is encouraged and there are 150 experiment stations.

Day trip to Essen

Good luck (Glück auf) in the Ruhr Valley, the Zollverein Coal Mine, was once the largest and most powerful coal mine in the world and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Take responsibility
Short trip to Rostock

Climate protection on the coast and by the sea, habitat of marine animals, visit to the seal station, workshop on climate change.

Short trip to Münster

Urban planning and traffic change - the safest city for cycling tours, ecosystem tree - nature trail on biodiversity and sustainability.

Short trip to Hamburg
How does the human being function? Dialogue in the dark, in silence and over time. Team workshops to promote cooperation.
Short trip to Lübeck

Sustainability, conscious living and climate protection: how can this be implemented in daily life? Preparation in class.

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