English breakfast
One of the most typical british meals

We have all spent more time at home lately and, once again, we prepared a typical English breakfast over the weekend. Our favourite breakfast!

Typically, a Full English Breakfast always includes eggs (scrambled or fried), sausages, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried bread and sometimes some black pudding, baked beans and potato roasties.

Anyone who has ever visited the English Isles will have seen or tasted this food in a pub or café. Traditionally served as a hearty breakfast, it is often served all day.

The hearty breakfast dates back to the Middle Ages, when people usually had only two meals a day. Breakfast was late and dinner was leftovers.

With us, it's more likely to be planned as a weekend brunch, where you can take your time while you relax and read the newspaper.

What does a Full English Breakfast look like for you?

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