Weihnachtszug - Bluebell Railway
A train ride to Christmas Land

Wearing a Norwegian jumper and a pointed hat, we travel on the packed Bluebell Railway Christmas train from Sheffield Park Gardens to Horsted Keynes. Over meadows and through woods, it illuminates everything in colourful fairy lights. The fairies send their regards and the music casts a spell over us. And although I'm not really that "Christmassy", I'm happy to let myself be completely enchanted for 2 hours. Actually, that's exactly what everyone needs nowadays.

Bonfire Night - English Tradition
05 November is the Day of Bonfires

Also known as Guy Fawkes Night, Bonfire Night is celebrated all over England on 5 November with lots of fire and noise.

This night celebrates the failed attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605. King James the First thus survived, and since then the day has been commemorated in England with parades, fires and lots of soot. Today, every year new unpopular political, historical effigies or simply a Corona Virus is burnt with great gusto.

A must for any fan!

In the north of London are the Warner Brothers film studios, where you can immerse yourself in the fantastic world of Harry Potter. A guided tour explains everything about Harry, Ron and Hermione's adventures. But remember, you'll need time to get there. We always plan a day trip for the Studio Tour.

Since 12 June, there has also been a photo exhibition in London on the occasion of the 20th anniversary. In addition to the photo exhibition, there are digital magic pieces that will amaze you. Fans can immerse themselves in the world of Harry Potter in various ways with the help of green screen technology.

Let us continue to enchant you!

Cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is the largest music festival in Scotland and has nothing to do with tattoos. The festival has existed for over 70 years and enchants people from all over the world every year in  August on the square directly in front of Edinburgh Castle with its typical Scottish sounds.

Incidentally, "tattoo" means nothing other than "taps".

Unfortunately, this year the music festival, like many other events, did not take place due to the pandemic. But we are already looking forward to 2021, when the Duddelsäcke will be allowed to play again.

If you are a fan of this military music or would like to become one, we would be happy to organise a trip to Scotland for you in 2021.

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