First Baltic Sea Trip 2022
We celebrate our Freedom - Day!

We celebrate our Freedom Day! Although the weather was not quite as good, this did not dampen the enthusiasm of all participants.

Finally, our work is bearing fruit again and we can do what we enjoy most: organizing unforgettable trips and giving all our groups a nice time out. Soon our first school trips will be ready to start - we are really looking forward to it.

Then it's: Let's go to England!

Feedback from a school trip

Such emails give us strength to carry on

Dear Conni, Nicole, Karina and Angelika,

In the preparation and realisation of our wonderful trip, you proved to be my contact persons, thinkers and co-thinkers, supporters and helpers, in short, an all-round carefree and all-inclusive package in persona. My students, my colleagues and I were able to experience unforgettable days in the South of England thanks to your experience and care. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is nice to know that travelling with Senlac Tours is not just a trip to England, but rather a visit to friends.

Get ready for us to come back!!! I still have to think a bit about the exact date, but I think it will be late spring or early summer again. But until then, recover from us. Stay such a great team!

Best wishes and see you soon!

Hang on!

Dear Senlac Team,

I often drink from the beautiful Senlac mug and think of you and the many trips you have organised for my students and me. Angelika, I hope you are well and that you can continue to motivate the wonderful team to keep going for years to come.

I've been out of school for eight years now, but I'm looking after career changers at a school in Berlin.

All the best for you, better times will come again.

Best wishes to all those I still know in Hastings,


England trip to Bexhill

Dear SENLAC Team,

I've been back home since Friday and just wanted to say thank you!

It was a wonderful and super organised trip to Bexhill! My school was in England last week from 07-12 April 2019. We had, I think I speak for everyone, a great time. Above all, we felt very comfortable in our host families. The programme was also well chosen and Vic was a great guide to Greenwich and London.

I wish you continued success!

Yours sincerely,


City trip to Amsterdam

We love Amsterdam!

To make your trip to the city a big success, we have picked out 5 things you should definitely do! Here are our top 5 things to do in Amsterdam.

Hier unsere Top 5 in Amsterdam:

  1. Canal Cruise

    A boat trip on Amsterdam's canals is a must in our opinion. You can explore the beautiful city on a canal boat tour.
  2. A´DAM Lookout

    The best way to get an overview from the top. If you dare, you'll also find a thrill on Europe's highest swing.

  3. Nemo Science Museum

    A real adventure playground for the younger ones. Here you can discover the world of physics, chemistry and astronomy.

  4. Heineken Experience

    Worth seeing for young and old is the interactive guided tour through the history of beer in a former brewery.

  5. Zoo Artis

    The oldest zoo in the Netherlands, located in the centre of Amsterdam. Here, the world of animals meets diverse nature and historical background.

As you can see, Amsterdam is very diverse and we can only warmly recommend a city trip there as a school trip. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

School trip to Hastings

Dear Nicole,

We got home Saturday morning well and exhausted, kids very happy, parents generally so.

It was once again a thoroughly enjoyable trip to England, even though being ill the whole week was a personal dampener. The kids had a great time and most importantly realised that they are able to use the language. So the trip can be considered a success.

Once again thanks to you and your team for an excellent professional job and we'll see you again in two years, although Judith, Klaus and myself thought about going again earlier - this time without kids 🙂

Speak to you soon Nicole.


Language trip to England

Dear Kathrin,

We arrived well and on time (around 8 a.m.) in Auerbach, which is "cold as the buttocks" - as MDR weatherman Thomas Globig likes to say. Once again, many thanks for the perfect organisation by you and the SENLAC team and that we were once again allowed to travel with TRD-Reisen. Our driver Lars was also great.

I wish you the best of luck for your future endeavours.

Kind regards

School trip England - London

Dear Katrin

We landed safely back home with 70 satisfied children. That was certainly also due to the beautiful weather and nice teachers ;-). But it was mainly due to the good host families and, above all, your super organisation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the all-round professional and caring support!

Please also send Vivien a big thank you. Her guided tour of London was great and really struck a chord with the students.

We will be filling out the trip review form soon.

Until then, best wishes to the whole Senlac team.

Trip to Cornwall

Dear Senlac Team,

We landed safely at home again and hope that Ringo and Vivien, who should be back in Hastings by now, will be too. The students, their parents and also the adults who travelled with them have once again expressed their sincere thanks for the tour. It's nice that everything went smoothly thanks to your good organisation and that the weather didn't quite stick to the weather forecast, at least in the places we went.

Once again a big thank you for everything, planning, organisation and execution were optimal!

Thank you on behalf of all fellow travellers.

Round Trip Wales

Hello Kathrin,

After a wonderful week on the island and especially in Wales, we are back home and back to school. As a rough feedback, I can tell you that everyone was very satisfied with the travel planning and organisation. It was a really great week. The hotel in Bridgend was our personal favourite. It was like the Moorland Link Hotel on Dartmoor - suuuuuper cosy!

Despite a very stormy reception on the island, the weather meant well with us. We turned off the rain tap whenever we wanted to get out and take photos and when there were a few miles to go on the road, we let them rain off the thick showers. The train ride was really great, at Devil's Bridge we had drizzle, but the waterfalls were gigantic. They made us wet anyway.

Portmeiron was also fancy. I thought it was a small town that you could just visit and was quite surprised when they asked for an entrance fee of 10 pounds.

But I had collected plenty of money beforehand and used up all the discounts, so all in all I got by with 50 pounds for the entrance fees for an adult.

When I have a little time and distance, I'll write you some more details. Maybe I'll get some feedback from travellers by then. I immediately put our proposal for a round trip through Scotland out there with the confirmations of participation. But there were also a few enquiries about Ireland.

I wish you a wonderful week. Best regards also from Holger.

Best regards from the cold, rainy, windy, autumnal, .... Saxony

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